About us

Locally owned and operated.

Locally Owned & Operated:

Aloha! We are Molokai Moped Rental, a locally owned and operated moped rental company. We founded Molokai Moped Rental because we saw a need for more diversity in transportation here on island. There are a limited number of cars, and access to public transportation is minimal. Not to mention the cost of gas! Mopeds were our solution. Come and use our fleet of beautiful and well maintained mopeds to experience Molokai in a new way. 

Why Mopeds?

Mopeds are more economical, affordable and fun than your typical car rental. You can enjoy scenic drives while cruising Molokai Style. You can also benefit from the ease and savings that moped rentals can provide. No matter if you are a local or a visitor, we will assist you in getting where you need to go!